21 ways to get the most out of your Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

21 ways to get the most out of your Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream | OK! beauty Box

First created in 1930, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant has been a cult classic beauty product for over 90 years.

And for good reason. The famously rich, hydrating balm is a godsend for soothing dry, chapped skin – plus many other beauty uses, such as taming stray hairs, highlighting cheekbones and softening cuticles.

Eight Hour Cream is also a long-time favourite amongst celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss, while Alesha Dixon calls it “a real staple product that’s always in my handbag”. In fact, the Britain’s Got Talent judge loves it so much that she’s included it in her OK! Beauty Edit, full of all her favourite beauty must-haves.

“It was really fun to curate my own OK! Beauty Edit,” she says. “I included things I absolutely love and I wanted people to try out. And it’s such a bargain!”

She’s not wrong there. The contents of Alesha’s Edit are worth £350 in total, but the box costs just £45 to buy. It includes 11 brilliant beauty products, including the iconic Eight Hour Cream.

How to use elizabeth arden 8 hour cream:

Here are just some of the many ways you can use your Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream…

* Hydrate chapped lips and other patches of dry skin

* Stop skin drying out when on flights

* Moisturise nails and cuticles

* Protect your hairline from fake tan lines

* Shape your eyebrows

* Highlight cheekbones

* Mix with sugar to create a lip scrub

* Calm red skin after waxing

* Soothe shaving cuts

* Tame and style beards

* Heal weight-lifting calluses on hands

* Stop clothes from chafing

* Create a wet-look eyeshadow look

* Remove stubborn eye makeup by massaging into lashes then gently wiping off

* Soothe sunburn

* Heal cracked heels

* Heal minor burns and blisters

* Apply around the nose to protect from hayfever

* Soothe sore skin from wearing a face mask

* Tame frizzy hair

* Tease open tough zips


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