Coffee in skincare: What are the benefits and how can I incorporate it into my beauty routine?

Coffee in skincare: What are the benefits and how can I incorporate it into my beauty routine? | OK! Beauty Box

If your day isn’t truly complete without your extra-hot double shot oat milk latte, you’re certainly not alone. But have you ever considered adding coffee into your beauty regime?

The coffee plant is rich in antioxidants and as such, scientists and beauty brands have discovered certain benefits when it’s applied topically to the face and body, ranging from protecting against environmental damage to reducing puffy under-eye bags.

So place your orders, because here are the coffee-derived ingredients to look out for to perk up your beauty routine…

Coffee grounds

More than just the waste part that you chuck in the bin after brewing, the coarse texture of ground dried coffee beans made an excellent natural skin exfoliator. They’re often combined with an oil to create a skin-softening body scrub, which instantly improves texture and tone when rubbed over limbs.

Try: The Original Scrub Co. Coconut & Arabica Coffee Scrub. Made with just four ingredients – ground Arabica coffee beans, Himalayan pink salt, sugar and coconut oil – this all-natural body scrub is a quick way to get soft, smooth limbs in the shower.

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The part of your morning cup of joe that gives you that buzz can also do the same for your skin. Caffeine can help to improve circulation and decrease puffiness, which is why it’s a common ingredient found in eye creams. 

You may also find caffeine in body lotions too, as it's said that the boost in blood flow may also help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Coffee fruit extract

As its name suggests, this is derived from the fruit part of the plant, and is high in the antioxidant ferulic acid. Paula’s Choice states that when used topically, coffee fruit extract has been shown to help repair signs of sun damage and defend against other signs of ageing.

Coffee seed oil

Often also called ‘green coffee’ as it’s sourced from the seed which is green in colour before it’s roasted, studies have shown that when applied to the skin, this oil helps to smooth skin while also helping it to retain moisture.