Five uses for Dr PawPaw Balm you probably didn’t know about

Five uses for Dr PawPaw Balm you probably didn’t know about

Five uses for Dr PawPaw Balm you probably didn’t know about

Love Dr PawPaw Balm? Find out if you’ve been getting the most out of your little tube.

Dr PawPaw Balm is one of those beauty products that every skin and makeup enthusiast knows and loves. 

Made with aloe vera, olive oil and (of course) pawpaw extract, it’s also vegan, cruelty free and ethically sourced. It’s always a handy tube to have stashed in your handbag or your bathroom cabinet – but are you squeezing the most out of it? 

While most are aware that it’s an excellent multipurpose product, there may be some uses for it that you hadn’t considered. Here’s what you need to know about getting more from your Dr PawPaw...

Lip balm

Of course, one of the main uses is as a lip balm, and it’s especially nice during the winter months when our complexions are more than a little wind-whipped. 

Dry skin salve

Because the balm is nice and thick, it’s great at tackling any particularly dry areas of skin on the body – think rough elbows and knees, dry hands and cuticles and overworked, tired feet.  

Brow tamer

The brushed-up brow look isn’t going anywhere any time soon so good news: the brand lists “smoothing eyebrows” as one of the balm’s many uses. Slather it on and slick ‘em up.


If you’ve got a dry complexion, a little Dr PawPaw balm can even be used as a skin primer before you apply your makeup. Again, we recommend this one in the colder months. 

Frizz Fixer

Sure, it’s a skincare product at heart, but Dr PawPaw Balm claims to be suitable for your hair too – a little dab can be used to style short hair, smooth frizz and even seal dry ends.

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