Four expert tricks to make your under-eyes look brighter, smoother and more youthful

Four expert tricks to make your under-eyes look brighter, smoother and more youthful | OK! beauty box Subscription

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but unfortunately they can also offer a tell-tale insight into your age. Before you stress about fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, there are some clever ways you can brighten your under-eyes to give your complexion a youthful boost.

How to make under eyes brighter

Here, three experts explain how to do just that…

  • Use hydrogel eye patches
  • These gel-like under-eye masks have been increasing in popularity as of late, thanks to their de-puffing abilities. Ideally, if you want an extra hit of skin-plumping goodness, opt for patches soaked in a serum containing hyaluronic acid and/or collagen.

    “As we age the body starts to produce less hyaluronic acid, and what it does produce is lower quality. This can result in flaky, dehydrated skin. To keep your complexion looking healthy, smooth, and supple, we need to add that hydration back,” explains skin expert Dr Catherine Hood.

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  •  Opt for a lightweight, creamy concealer
  • An under-eye concealer can make or break a makeup look. If you choose a creamy (but not too thick) formula and use a good blending and setting technique, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles will be disguised (however pick something too heavy and apply too much of it and it can instead accentuate lines).

    “To avoid the product settling into lines, dot the concealer over the problem areas only before setting with powder. To ensure under-eye concealer won’t crease, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to lightly buff over the areas you’ve applied the formula. Set with a light dusting of translucent powder to finish,” says Saffron Hughes, makeup artist at

  • Watch your salt intake
  • Too much salt leads to dehydration. This loss of hydration can easily begin to show around the eyes and result in exaggerated fine lines. 

    Lenstore's expert optometrist Dr Roshni Patel advises: “Eat less salt and instead have more iron-rich food. Since salt encourages fluid retention in the body, it can result in fluid build-up under the eyes. A reduction in salt intake may assist with reducing puffiness.”

  • Use a specific retinol formula made for the under-eyes
  • Include a retinol cream in your skincare routine, but around the eyes, be sure to use one specifically made for this delicate area or you’re at risk of developing redness and sensitivity.

    “Retinols are used to tackle acne, ageing and psoriasis,” explains Dr Patel. “It can specifically be used to help tackle eye bags, as when applied to the skin it can improve collagen deficiency. It’s typically found in the form of a cream or a gel, and is applied at night.”