Get our Best Of British edit, worth over £200 from just £35

Get our Best Of British edit, worth over £200 from just £35

It’s a time to celebrate all the things that put the Great into Britain, and the OK! Beauty Box is proud to announce a collector’s edition in honour of our glorious nation. We’ve created a very special one-off edit of home-grown brands, worth over £200 but yours for just £35 if you’re a subscriber, just check your email inbox for your discount code. For non-subscribers, it’s still a royally good deal at £40. 

Beauty queens will adore this collection of 11 products, with everything from spa-inspired indulgences to treats for your crowning glory. 

Figs & Rouge Blurring Primer & Finishing

1x 30ml Full size, worth £38

The benefits:

✓ Absorbs excess oil for a velvety matte finish

✓ “Micro-blurring” formula smooths pores and imperfections

✓ Contains anti-inflammatory marshmallow root extract and moisturising hyaluronic acid

How to use:

Before foundation, rub into the skin anywhere that you want to control shine (e.g. the T-zone). It can also be patted over the top of makeup to set it in place.

Monu Skincare Micellar Water

1x 180ml Full size, worth £26.95

The benefits:

✓ “Micelles” in the formula attract dirt and oil, effectively removing make-up and other impurities from the skin.

✓ Leaves skin looking clean and glowing without feeling dry.

✓ Spray bottle means no spills.

How to use:

Spray onto a cotton pad, or the Magnitone Swipes you’ll find in this box,  then wipe over the face and neck, including over the eyes and lips. 

Top tip! If your skin is looking a little tired and dull mid-way through the day, spritz a couple of pumps of the micellar water over your face for an instant refresh!

Sanctuary Spa Signature Natural Oils Melting Pearl Body Butter

1x 75ml Travel size, worth £4.50

The benefits:

✓ Contains pearls of encapsulated argan oil that diffuse and sink right in to deeply nourish dry skin

✓ Suitable for all skin types and vegan-friendly.

✓ Leaves a lasting fragrance on the skin.

How to use:

Massage generously onto the body every day, or whenever skin is feeling especially dry.

Percy & Reed Turn Up the Volume Dry Shampoo

1x 200ml Full size, worth £15

The benefits:

✓ Ultra-fine cornflour powder works to clean the hair and absorb oils without leaving any white, chalky residue.

✓ Root boosting formula builds volume and adds texture to rejuvenate styles and leave hair looking cleansed and full.

✓ The bespoke fine fragrance leaves locks smelling beautifully fresh and odour-free.

How to use:

Shake well before using. Spray into the roots, holding the can about 10cm away, then massage into the hair.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Sleep Mist

1x 10ml Travel size, worth £23

The benefits:

✓ Contains essential oils to help promote a more restful night’s sleep.

✓ Combines grounding vetiver with soothing camomile and sandalwood to give a dreamy, snooze-inducing bedroom scent.

✓ Helps to calm a racing mind before bed.

How to use:

Spritz over pillows, bedding or the body before getting into bed, then take a deep breath to really feel the full effect of the essential oils.

Skin chemists - Green Caviar Day Moisturiser

1x 30ml Full size, worth £24.90

The benefits:

✓ Boosts skin’s elasticity and reduces signs of ageing.

✓ Contains bakuchiol, glycerin and green caviar extract – a seaweed rich in minerals and amino acids – to leave skin feeling healthy and happy.

✓ Locks in moisture.

How to use:  

Apply to your face and neck every morning after cleansing.

Doctors Formula Power Active Turmeric Lotion

1x 30ml Full size, worth £34.90

The benefits:

✓ Boosts skin's natural radiance while targeting the effects of environmental damage

✓ The plant and fruit extract helps prevent water loss and improves skin condition

✓ Brightens dull and tired skin while strengthening, soothing and hydrating.

How to use:

Apply to cleansed skin every morning and evening. Follow with your moisturiser.

Wild Science Lab Night Shift Renewal Eye Serum Wild Science

1x 7ml Travel size, worth £14

The benefits:

✓ Contains the key ingredient bakuchiol, often termed a ‘natural alternative to retinol’ for its ability to rejuvenate the skin

✓ Leaves the eye area looking brighter, fresher and more awake

✓ Contains lavender, ylang ylang and magnolia essential oils to give a sense of calm

How to use:

Apply as part of your evening skincare routine, after cleansing. Gently dab 1-2 pumps around the eye area until absorbed.

Sensory retreats dreamy eyes self heating mask

One Pair, RRP £3.95

The benefits:

✓ Calms a racing mind and relax your body as you enjoy a dreamy night's sleep

✓ Soothes tired eyes

✓ The heated element only works once but the addition of blackout properties means you can reuse this mask as a sleep mask

How to use:

Open the packet and loop the mask over your ears – it will begin to gently warm up. Lie back and relax until the heat fades away (about 25 minutes) – or until you drop off to sleep!

Top tip! Once you’ve applied your Wild Science Lab eye serum, pop the self-heating eye mask on to help the serum absorb. The serum will get to work while you lie back and enjoy the ultimate at-home pamper pick me up. Plus! Don’t forget to spritz your pillows with the Aromatherapy Associated sleep mist to encourage a restful night’s sleep.

Baylis & Harding Goodness Rose and Geranium Hand Cream

1x 75ml Full size, worth £3.00

The benefits:

✓ Nourishes dry, rough, and cracked skin to leave hands soft

✓ Enriched with essential oils and organic extracts to rebalance skin

✓ Vegan-friendly, plant-based ingredients

How to use:

Squeeze a small amount of this rose and geranium hand cream onto your palm and gently lather over your hands for soft nourished skin.

Magnitone Eco Friendly Bamboo Swipes

Pack of two, worth £8

The benefits:

✓ Re-useable thousands of times

✓ Machine washable and fast drying

✓ Super soft MicroFibre material perfect for sensitive skin

How to use:

No need for a cleanser! Simply dampen with warm water and swipe away the day's stresses… and makeup. Use them on your eyes, lips, and face, and then simply pop them in with your normal washing load to reuse.


The Best of British edit is strictly limited, with only 500 boxes available. So don’t wait for a reign-y day, secure yours now and save over £160 on some of the finest beauty brands in the kingdom.