How often you should wash your hair according to your hair type – and what with


How often you should wash your hair according to your hair type – and what with | OK! beauty Box

It’s the age old question: how often should I be washing my hair? We’re never quite sure of the answer, and different experts will offer varying advice. Most do agree on one thing though: you should be looking at your hair type to figure out how often your lengths and scalp need to be cleaned.

Here, hair expert Lynn Chambers from Clip Hair explains how you can identify your hair type and how to work out roughly how many times per week you need to lather up.

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Hair type 1

A – Zero curl, fine in texture and has difficulty holding certain styles.

B – Medium texture that holds some volume. Very straight but has some wave.

C – Straight hair with a slight wave that is thick and coarse.

How often should you wash your hair?

“Type 1 hair typically experiences oily roots and dry ends. The scalp has a tendency to be dry, and can sometimes flake. Instead of implementing a regimented hair washing routine, wait for the need-to-wash warning signs. If your hair begins to itch, or if it flakes or appears greasy, it’s time to shampoo,” explains Lynn.

What should I wash my hair with?

We recommend a balancing shampoo that soothes the scalp but also provides moisture to mid-lengths and ends. Try Wild Science Lab Clear Head Shampoo, usually £16 for a full size bottle, but available from just £4.95 in our Naturally Good OK! Beauty Box. It helps restore microbiome balance on the scalp, and soothes any itchiness.

Hair type 2

A – Mostly straight, and frequently fine, with a wave that begins mid length to the ends.

B – Wavy hair from root to tip. Low in volume, type B holds “S” shape waves.

C – Wavy hair that’s often referred to as beachy. 2C can also experience frizz in humid environments.

How often should you wash your hair?

“Type 2 hair can be washed less frequently than type 1,” says Lynn. “Typically, shampooing can take place once a week for curls that are a little denser.” Though, again, if the scalp feels itchy or oily, don’t be afraid to clean it.

What should I wash my hair with?

If you have type 2C, you might want to opt for a shampoo with frizz-fighting ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. For type 2s whose hair falls a little flat, a volumising formula might work better.


Hair type 3

A – Spiral curls that look wavy when the hair is wet.

B – Corkscrew curls that are full of bounce and volume. The curls are larger in size than those of type 3A.

C – Tight curls that hold a similar circumference to a pencil. The curls tend to be dense and voluminous.

How often should you wash your hair?

“Type 3 hair tends to become dry, and as a result, may need to be washed and properly conditioned once or twice each week,” says Lynn.

What should I wash my hair with?

Be sure to use a moisturising shampoo that hydrates the scalp to avoid dryness-induced irritation.

Hair type 4

A – 3D “S” patterned and textured coils. Each curl is separated from the next and not intertwined.

B – Tight curls that experience shrinkage of up to 75%. Rather than resembling a coil shape, type 4B curls feature sharp angles.

C – Holding the tightest curls of all hair types, type 4C is prone to shrinkage and can be delicate.

How often should you wash your hair?

“Type 4 hair should be washed around once a month with a co-wash in between,” advises Lynn. A co-wash is the process of washing with only conditioner, not shampoo.

What should I wash my hair with?

“A sulphate-free moisturising shampoo will hydrate the hair and help to avoid breakage,” Lynn says.