How to apply false eyelashes like a pro

Laura Mulley OK! beauty Editor

By Laura Mulley

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How to apply false eyelashes like a pro

Able to instantly enhance your eyes, false eyelashes can take your makeup look from subtle to show-stopping in a matter of seconds. You’ll find a fabulous pair of Kiss lashes inside the latest OK! Beauty Box Party Pieces Edit, along with five other glam skin and makeup must-haves that are perfect for the party season. Altogether it’s worth a whopping £160, but it’s available to new subscribers for just £9.95.

If you’re new to wearing falsies, we understand that applying them correctly may seem a little daunting at first. Luckily we’ve got eyelash expert Saffron Hughes, expert makeup artist at, to share some top tips for perfect application every time…

  • Do the rest of your makeup first 
  • Your falsies should be the last step in your makeup routine, to avoid eyeshadow or powder falling on top of them. It is also much trickier to do your makeup once you’ve applied your eyelashes. 

  • Make sure your false lashes fit your eye
  • Before glueing, take your lashes and place them on your eyes to see how they fit. If they are too long, carefully trim off a few hairs until you’re happy with the length.

  • Apply eyeliner
  • A good tip for hiding the base of your false lashes is to line your upper lash line with black eyeliner, both before and after application. Use a liquid or gel eyeliner as a pencil can drag across the eyelash band, causing it to move. If you struggle making a straight line with liquid liner, gel liner applied with a brush may be easier.

  • Loosen the spine of the lash strip
  • Eyelash strips tend to be straighter than our eyes when we first take them out of the box. Before application, soften up the strip so that it fits the curvature of your lash line – this will eliminate the risk of the inner and outer corners popping up after glueing them down. A great tip is to wrap the strip either around your little finger or a makeup brush for around a minute before glueing. 

  • Wait after applying glue
  • When your eyelashes are ready for application, take the glue and apply a small thin layer along the strip part of the lash. A common mistake people make is not waiting. After applying the glue, wait around a minute so that the glue is tacky and so less likely to slide around. Importantly, don’t blow on the glue to hurry the process along as this can cause germs to be transferred to your eye area.

  • Look downward into a mirror to apply 
  • Using whichever works best for you, tweezers or fingers, place the middle of the strip in the centre of your eye and lightly touch on either side along your lash line. Push the strip down in place for a few seconds while the glue sets. 

    To get this right the first time, place your mirror under your face and look down. This will make your eyelid extend, and give more room for you to get the eyelash on top of your natural ones.

  • Apply mascara to bond to your own eyelashes
  • After the glue has set and your eyelashes are in place, apply some mascara to bond everything together. It doesn’t require endless coats, just enough to mix the lashes together for a flawless finish.