How to get your glowiest skin ever this Valentine’s Day

How to get your glowiest skin ever this Valentine’s Day | OK! beauty Box Subscription

How to get your glowiest skin ever this Valentine’s Day

What does the look of love actually look like? If you ask us, it’s glowy, dewy, plumped and seriously hydrated skin. With the perfect base you can achieve a soft-focus, romantic makeup look, guaranteed to get you a second date.

The problem is, glowy skin doesn’t just happen overnight – does it? There’s no denying that a consistent skincare regime is the best way to reap long-term skin benefits, but you can layer up a few specific products to give you a dewy, youthful look by the following morning.

How to get glowy skin?

Here, the experts at WeThrift explain how…

  1. Treat yourself to a moisturising lip mask

“The difference a thick mask formula can make to dry lips is incredible – and it is Valentine’s day after all. There are plenty of high end and affordable lip masks available for you to try out,” they say.

Top tip: Buff your lips with a homemade sugar scrub ahead of applying you overnight balm. This will ensure ultimate softness the next day.

  1. Make sure to exfoliate 

“Regular exfoliation is important. This doesn’t mean exfoliating every single day – twice per week is considered the appropriate amount,” WeThift say. “A gentle scrub is enough to get rid of the dead skin, which helps give your skin a fresh and radiant look.”

Top tip: Another way to get a gorgeous glow is to give a gentle AHA exfoliator a go. The fruit acids will help slough away dead skin cells without being overly abrasive.

  1. Hydrate with a serum

“Hydration is an extremely important factor when mastering your skincare routine,” the experts say.  The quickest and easiest way to load skin up with hydration is with the help of a good serum. We love Keys Soulcare Promise Serum, worth £25 but available for just £4.95 in this month’s Go Love Yourself OK! Beauty Box

From Alicia Keys’ wellbeing-focused beauty brand, this facial serum contains niacinamide, zinc and snow mushroom to brighten, balance the skin’s oil levels, and reduce the appearance of pores while also hydrating skin. Hello, smooth pores and soft skin!

The full box has a value of £123, so make sure to sign up for a subscription to get your hands on Alicia’s super serum and four other self-care essentials.

  1. Use a targeted moisturiser

Once you’ve allowed your serum to sink in, apply a moisturiser specifically for your skincare needs. “A combo of moisturiser and SPF will be your new best friend.”

Since flaky, dry skin can show easily under foundation, you want your skin to be as smooth and hydrated as possible, so opt for a rich cream if your skin needs it.

  1. Add vitamin C to your routine 

“Many dermatologists will advise you to use a targeted vitamin C product. Just a few drops to help combat hyperpigmentation, improve fine lines and aid collagen production,” explain WeThrift. For a quick (and long-term) healthy skin boost, add a vitamin C formula into your regime.

Top tip: You can find SPF creams now that blend sun protection with vitamin C. Shop one of these for a multi-tasking way to brighten AND protect your skin.