How to stop festive indulgences showing in your skin this winter

How to stop festive indulgences showing in your skin this winter | OK! BeautyBox Subcription

If you celebrate Christmas or are ringing in the New Year, the winter festive season brings with it a lot of celebration.

But all that eating, drinking and late nights can take a toll on your skin, showing up in the form of dullness and puffiness. 

“The day after a big day of drinking can often cause a ‘boozy face’, leaving skin looking and feeling puffy and dehydrated,” says celebrity facialist Chelsee Lewis.

So, how can you de-puff your complexion after a period of festive indulgences?

How to depuff your complexion this festive season 

Thankfully, a puffy post-Christmas complexion isn’t permanent (try saying that three times fast) and you can remedy the situation with some handy skincare tips.

“Massage your face in the morning to boost circulation and reduce puffiness,” Chelsee says. “You don't need any tools, just your hands will do!”

Our expert also recommends taking vitamin C before bed to combat the effects of alcohol.

“Apply a hydration mask [the next morning], and don't forget to increase your water intake,” she adds. 

To combat puffy eyes, you can try something like Able Skincare Pro-Expert Collagen Hydro-Gel Eye Patches, which work to hydrate and brighten the under eye area. You can even pop them in the fridge for an extra cooling, depuffing hit. 

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