How to wear glitter eyeshadow at any age

If you thought glitter eye makeup was reserved for those in their teens and twenties, think again, because shimmer formulas are age inclusive. In fact, contrary to what you might have been told, they can give lids a soft focus and ultra-flattering finish.

How to wear glitter eyeshadow at any age | OK! Beauty Box Subscription

The key to nailing the glitter trend at any age is all in the eyeshadow formula and application, and with just a few tips and product suggestions you’ll be saying goodbye to your mattes and saying hello to sparkles. 

How to use glitter eyeshadow?

To help you make the switch, makeup artist Anna Gibson has shared her top eyeshadow advice…

Opt for a lightweight formula

“Heavy powders can drop and leave glitter on the face, making any puffy under-eye area more noticeable,” explains Anna. “Use a lighter powder (with a fine glitter), or cream formula instead, as they’re guaranteed to stay exactly where you apply the shade.”

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Go for pale shades

“You can wear any colour at any age so always choose whatever makes you feel good! However, reds and pinks can be tricky to wear on the eyes, as they can make you look tired,” Anna says. 

“Pale shades will bring brightness to the eyes, and are especially flattering on the inner corners and centre of the lids. Try using a glitter in a slightly paler shade than your base eyeshadow and apply to the centre of the eyelid to really make your eyes sparkle.”

Apply with your fingers

“Applying glitter with a fingertip is often easiest, as the glitter or shimmer is less likely to drop from your finger than a brush. If glitter does drop onto the face by accident, use a piece of Sellotape to gently lift off any unwanted specks,” Anna adds.

Pair with a gloss

“Glowy skin is always flattering, especially on more mature skin, however any glitter drop will be more likely to stick to the skin and be harder to remove. Instead of opting for a super dewy base, I would pair a glitter eye with velvet skin and a glossy lip,” Anna recommends.