Rodial Pink Diamond Serum leaves our testers sparkling with joy

Rodial Pink Diamond Serum leaves our testers sparkling with joy

There are so many wonderful highlights in the OK! Female Founders Box it’s impossible to pick favourites, but if you’re searching for the biggest money saver, it has to be Rodial Pink Diamond Serum.

This luxury serum will usually cost you £125, but there's a full-size bottle included in our £55 edit, created in partnership with some of beauty’s leading ladies.

When you consider that our 12-piece Female Founders edit is worth over £275 in total, it makes it one of the biggest bargains in beauty right now.

That fact was confirmed by no less an authority than This Morning, which championed our brilliant edit on a recent show, calling it “great value” and “a no-brainer” to purchase.

Our limited edition box has been flying off our online shelves ever since, and once it’s gone it’s gone. You certainly won’t want to miss out after reading what our independent testers had to say about the Rodial serum. 

Rodial's serum features innovative skin-tightening active ST, and the results were outstanding, according to our 60-something tester Sara. “I want to particularly mention the tightening lifting effect it has on my neck.

The sagginess has really tightened up and looks smoother. I’d say this serum has taken 10 years off me,” she says.

Rodial Pink Diamond Serum contains real crushed diamond powder to illuminate the skin, giving immediate benefits, says tester Mel. “It glides on in a sheer, smooth light layer and instantly improves the appearance of my skin.

Whether that’s the tightening effect of the enzymes or the radiance of the diamond powder, I don’t mind! It just does make a difference,” she tells us.

Another tester, Lisa, saw similar rejuvenating results - as did those around her. “I saw positive results almost immediately with this serum. My skin appeared brighter within a day or two.

Within a week the perioral lines were not so defined and my skin appeared a bit plumper and fuller. A few people commented on how well my skin appeared. One even said I looked 'radiant' and asked what I'd done differently,” she reveals.

Add in the feedback we’ve had from other testers, with words like “glowing”, “healthy” and “lifted” flying around, and we think you’ll agree this is one product you need to try for yourself, particularly at such a great-value price. 

Treat yourself to Rodial Pink Diamond Serum, and 11 more products from female-founded brands, for just £55, while stocks last.