Three ways to quickly minimise the look of pores and bumpy skin texture

Three ways to quickly minimise the look of pores and bumpy skin texture

Suffering from rough, bumpy skin and large pores? We’ve all been there. While pores are a natural part of our complexion, sometimes genetic and lifestyle factors can cause them to appear larger than usual. When pores become blocked with dirt and dead skin cells they can also turn into blemishes, causing skin to appear bumpy.

So what can be done about it? Experts agree that a consistent skincare regime is the best way to improve the appearance of pores in the long term, but there are also some fast fixes which can significantly smooth skin. Here’s what to do…

Smooth skin with a primer

The quickest way to get a smoother looking base is to cheat it with a blurring product. It’s not a long-term solution but a good primer, worn alone or below makeup, can make your pores appear smaller and your texture to appear less rough.

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Silicone particles in the lightweight formula help to blur enlarged pores, fine lines and uneven texture. This luxe primer usually costs £89 but we have a full-size tube in our Good Times Edit OK! Beauty Box, only £7.50 here. The contents of the box are worth a whopping £130, so make full use of the bargain price while you can.

Use an AHA product

Some skincare products take a while to work, but AHAs give skin an almost immediate improvement in brightness and tone, and with regular use, they work to keep pores unblocked and clear of debris.

“Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are great exfoliants and will help to remove any dead cells in the outermost layer of the skin,” explains Dr Lauren Hamilton from London’s Victor & Garth skin clinic.

Top tip: Try AHA peel pads, which are available to shop from most drugstores. These contain similar acids to a regular exfoliating toner but usually at a higher percentage for giving skin a maximum hit of skin-smoothing goodness.

Brush on a blurring powder 

Have you ever noticed that your pores look enlarged and your skin texture appears more bumpy when it’s shiny? The quickest way to give the illusion of a smoother complexion is to take away some of the oil from your skin, especially around the T-zone area which tends to get greasy quicker.

 Skin finishing powders come in plenty of formulas, from translucent to tinted, but we recommend shopping one without a pigment as this means your makeup won’t look cakey. You can blot it on with a sponge or sweep over your skin with a large brush. 

 Top tip: Avoid using too much powder on your cheeks and cheekbones so that your skin still looks like it has a healthy and youthful glow.