What can micellar water do? And can it be used as your only cleanser?

What do you use micellar water for?

Although it’s been around for a fair while, micellar water really skyrocketed in popularity during the 2010s and is now a firm staple in beauty routines around the world.

Made from tiny particles called micelles that attract dirt and oil, it can easily remove makeup to lightly clean the skin with ease. It’s also often a great match for sensitive skin because it’s on the gentle side.

Intrigued? Here’s how to use it and whether or not it can be your only cleanser in your routine. 

How do you use micellar water? 

To use micellar water simply apply a decent amount to a cotton pad (ideally a reusable one to be as eco-conscious as possible) and sweep over your skin to remove makeup. 

For eyes, hold your soaked cotton pad against your lids and gently wipe away – don’t rub – to lift mascara, liner and eyeshadow. 

Can micellar water replace your usual cleanser? 

Although micellar water visibly removes most makeup brilliantly, it’s not going to offer that deep clean that a traditional cleanser and warm water will. If you wear makeup and SPF or you’ve been out and about during the day, you’ll want to follow up with a second cleanse after soaking off your mascara. 

But if for whatever reason you don’t have access to hot water and a flannel (think festivals), it’s a great tool to have in your bag in lieu of a proper face wash – which is why you’ll almost always find it on shoots and backstage at fashion week, where makeup looks change quickly and frequently. 

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