Why pineapple extract could be the secret to glowy, healthy skin this autumn

Pineapple extract skin benefits

Why pineapple extract could be the secret to glowy, healthy skin this autumn | OK! Beauty Box Subscription

You’ve heard of vitamin C derived from oranges, but pineapple extract boasts more potent enzymes which could give you better brightening results]

We’ve all heard of vitamin C derived from oranges, but did you know it can also be found in pineapples? In fact, pineapples are said to provide a punchier dose of this brightening vitamin, and also contain a host of other enzymes and proteins to transform dull skin.

Search queries for how pineapple can improve skin tone and texture have also been on the rise, with skincare e-tailer Face the Future noting a 76% spike in searches for the tropical fruit.

Vitamine C the brightening effects

Vitamin C is known primarily for its brightening effects on skin when applied topically, but the reason why pineapple might be so highly searched is because this fruit also contains bromelain, an enzyme which can help speed up the skin’s healing process and unclog blocked pores.

AHA  skin-smoothing effect

AHAs (fruit acids) in pineapples also offer a skin-smoothing effect, helping to even out rough skin textures and brighten the overall appearance of your complexion.

The sudden interest in pineapple may also have been sparked by big-name beauty brands like Glow Recipe and Huda, who have launched viral formulas featuring the fruit.

While a pineapple-packed skin serum can normally set you back upwards of £45, we have a way you can nab yourself a potent product for just £4.95.

We’ve teamed up with model Jodie Kidd, who knows a thing or two about good skincare, for this month’s OK! Beauty Edit. In it, you’ll find a full size tube of London Botanical Laboratories Bright Me Up Serum, worth £55. 

This luxe serum features pineapple extract as the hero ingredient, and also contains hyaluronic acid for an extra plumping hit. It sinks in quickly, nourishes skin and leaves it feeling smooth, healthy and hydrated. 

“I love nothing more than a good serum. This one is packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, and it makes my skin look instantly more radiant,” says Jodie.

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