5 minutes with Niré Beauty founder, Erin Graybill

We chatted with Erin Graybill, the founder of the award-winning Niré Beauty. You’ll find the brand’s versatile 211 Insta-Brows Brush in our latest limited edition box, the Female Founders Edit

Niré Beauty founder, Erin Graybill

What is the story behind Niré Beauty?

In 2015, while I was an economics research student, I had an interest in cruelty-free makeup brushes that were suitable for sensitive skin due to some skin issues I had. I couldn’t find any that I could afford so Niré Beauty was founded with a desire to create cosmetic accessories that are beautiful, clever and thoughtfully priced. From there, I consulted with makeup artists and aestheticians to develop our first product ‘The Artistry Set’. This first set was designed to show that pro-level brushes can be soft enough for sensitive skin, without the use of animal hair.

What inspired the concept of the 211 Insta-Brow Brush and why?

Here at Niré Beauty we like to keep our makeup brush designs straightforward and beautiful. We noticed the current beauty trend of building your look around perfect brows so we wanted to create a 2-in-1 makeup brush that could help our customers achieve that. We wanted the double sided brush to save our customers time creating gorgeous ‘Instagram- ready’ brows - hence the clever name ‘Insta-brows.’

Why did you choose this particular product to go into the box?

Our UK-based team are passionate about creating beauty tools that will help our customers feel like the most beautiful version of themselves and understand that some choose not to wear much makeup, if any at all, so we wanted to include a brush that the most people would enjoy. The 2-in-1 versatility helps a light makeup user to brush their brows as well as fly-away hairs away from the face. It can also be used by a makeup lover to apply brow product, liner, eye shadow, spot concealing as well as lining lips!

When recommending this product to your best friend, what would you tell them and why?

I tell my best friends that it isn’t the quantity of makeup brushes that matters, but the Versatility… and a top quality brush like Insta-brows is one that every makeup pouch needs. The spoolie side isn’t just for brushing your brows, it can be used to perfect and remove clumps from mascara as well as brush back fly-away hairs from your face; and the angled side of the brush can be used for filling in your brows, lining your eyes, smoking out eye shadow and liner, precise spot concealing as well as for lipstick!

What mantra/s do you live by?

‘Perfection is the enemy of done’ is one of my favourite mantras and has helped me both personally and professionally. I think a lot of us women put a lot of pressure on ourselves as perfectionists which results in us not moving forward towards our goals. This mantra is a reminder to give yourself grace and celebrate the smallest of wins, just doing something is far better than nothing!

Niré Cosmetics 211 Insta-brows Brush

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