Five ways to help your make-up wear better and last longer

Megan West OK! beauty Editor

By Megan West

Megan is OK! Beauty Box’s marketing executive and covers all things beauty and exciting new box launches.

From smudging to not-budging, five tips to avoid touch-ups and help your make-up last all day.

We’ve all had those moments when it hits 4 pm and you look up to the bathroom mirror to be faced (quite literally) with a melting make-up look. Disheartening we know!

Whether you spent 10 minutes or two hours creating your look, you want your make-up to last long after the party is over. 

It doesn’t help that as well as fighting your skin’s natural oils, you’re also competing with the sun, sweat, and stickiness that summer brings. 

But what if you could prevent it rather than prepare for it? 

Regardless of budget, expertise, or skin type, it’s time to put down the blotting paper with these five ways to get your make-up to wear better and last longer…

Exfoliate your face

Prepping your skin is the first step to making it harder for your make-up to slip this summer.

Oil, bacteria, and dead skin can build up on the skin’s surface creating an uneven base for your make-up.  

By exfoliating twice a week for dry skin, and three times a week for oily skin, you’re creating a smoother surface so your make-up doesn’t look or feel patchy by clinging to drier areas. 

TOP TIP- Consider dermaplaning to slough away the top layer of dead skin and remove peach fuzz for a glowy, cleaner complexion. 

Prime your skin

The secret to long-lasting make-up really is this easy. A primer should be the last step of your skincare routine, but the most important for guaranteeing the longevity of a look. 

The ideal primer should seal in your skin’s moisture and boost coverage. 

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Less is more

Many of us opt for lighter coverage in the summer months and there’s a reason why. As the seasons change so should your make-up routine.

Try swapping out a heavier liquid foundation with a lighter CC cream or powder, both will stay put longer and help control shine. 

You can get the same intensity from these products while also letting your skin breathe in the hotter weather, which doesn’t come when you layer on thicker products. 

Setting spray 

Adding a spritz of setting spray is a great way to add grip and help your make-up go the distance. 

You can use setting spray before and after your make-up application by holding the bottle six inches away from your face and applying two pumps. 

This will help lock in your make-up for added protection against smudging. 

For people with dry skin, this is also a great step to add an extra hit of hydration for a dewy fresh finish. 

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Pixi Beauty Rose Glow Mist

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Avoid touching your face

Easier said than done we know but this is possibly the most important tip there is.

By touching your face throughout the day you’re not only at risk of smudging your make-up but you’re also introducing new oils on top of what your face naturally produces. 

You could also be transferring your make-up to your hands, not to mention the bacteria your hands could have picked up. The last thing you want this summer is a breakout! 

So, beauty lovers - Hands off! 

With all the stresses of daily life, make-up shouldn't be one! In fact, it’s time to scratch touch-ups off the to-do list completely!