How does a shampoo bar work? And can it be used on every hair type?

How does a shampoo bar work? And can it be used on every hair type? | OK! Beauty Box Subscription

Looking to make your beauty regime a bit more sustainable? Swapping your normal liquid shampoo for a shampoo bar can help you on your way. 

Since bars come in recyclable cardboard packaging and last on average three times longer than a typical bottle of shampoo, you’ll be saving some pennies as well as the environment by swapping to a solid formula.

What is a shampoo bar made of?

It has all of the ingredients your typical shampoo contains – cleansing, conditioning, and sometimes foaming agents – but the water is removed so that those ingredients switch from liquid to solid form.

Each brand of bar will contain slightly different ingredients, targeting different hair concerns. Typically, natural ingredients like castor oil, palm oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil are used. Botanical or herbal essences are then often added for scent.

How does a shampoo bar work?

You use it just like you would a normal shampoo, except instead of squeezing the formula out on your hand, you need to get the bar wet and lather it up between your hands. Once your hands are filled with suds, you transfer the product onto wet hair, carefully distributing it from roots to tips.

Because bars tend to be more concentrated than liquid shampoos, you won’t need as much to clean your hair. 

Do they work on all hair types?

Yes, but read the packaging before purchasing one. Just as you’d choose a regular shampoo based on whether it’s hydrating, clarifying, nourishing, anti-dandruff, you need to look for the same benefits when shopping for a bar. 

Luckily, due to an ever-increasing demand for waste-free beauty products, there are now plenty of solid options on the market to choose from – something that wasn’t the case a few years ago.

How does a shampoo bar work? And can it be used on every hair type? | OK! Beauty Box Subscription

Where can I buy one?

If you want to give one a try, we’d recommend Grüum Hår Nourishing Shampoo Bar, worth £8, as a great all-rounder for a variety of different hair types.

Giving up to 60 washes, it’s enriched with coconut oil which adds shine and smoothness to all hair types

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