How lash curlers can create the perfect smoky eye look

How lash curlers can create the perfect smoky eye look

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This might sound like a strange question – but what are eyelash curlers for? If you answered “for curling your lashes”, you’d be correct but you’d also be missing out on a brilliant new way to use this staple make-up tool.

TikTok is buzzing over a clever technique that uses lash curlers in not one but three ways to create the easiest ever smokey eye. While we admit that some social media hacks are a bit silly and/or tricky to copy, this one is actually very useful. 

You start off by using your curlers as normal, carefully positioning them between your eyelashes, then squeezing and holding the handle to create instant lash lift.

So far, so standard. But here’s where it gets interesting.

Next, you need to hold the curlers vertically against one closed eye, so that the rounded edge presses against the natural crease of your eyelid. This creates a stencil for you to apply eyeshadow over. 

Simply load a brush with your choice of eyeshadow, and blend it back and forth along the curler edge to create a defined eye socket without powder dropping down into your eyes.

Repeat on the other side, and you’ve got a pair of perfectly even smoky eyes looking back at you in the mirror.

As if that wasn’t clever enough, there’s a third and final use for your lash curlers in this hack. To complete your statement eye makeup, open your curlers up wide. Position the lower lash curler handle against the outer corner of your eye so that the straight edge points upwards at about 45 degrees. 

Once again, you’re creating a stencil but this time for an eyeliner flick. Now shut your eye and apply your line along the curler handle. You can either use an eyeshadow, wetting it first for a neat finish and applying with a slim angled brush, or opt for a regular eyeliner pencil or pen.

It’s so simple and effective, we can’t believe we’ve never discovered this trick before.

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