How to get rid of dry and flaky skin this festive season

Dry winter air and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin – especially if your complexion is already prone to dryness, sensitivity or eczema – but that doesn’t mean it has to get in the way of your festive plans.

Ensure your skin is hydrated and glowing in time for party season by making a few product swaps and skincare routine changes, as advised by Dr Cristina Psomadakis, specialist NHS dermatologist.

Make sure to properly moisturise
As we transition into winter, indoor heating, cold external temperatures and long hot showers can really exacerbate dry skin. “It is usually time to ramp up moisturising, and choose a product with a thicker consistency,” advises Dr Cristina. 

A rich or deeply hydrating gel moisturiser, alongside products that can be layered to fortify the skin’s moisture barrier, are your best bet. Try Polaar Eternal Snow Cream, worth £42 but you can find it in the OK! Christmas Beauty Box.

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Wear SPF in the winter
UV rays can still damage skin in winter, so don’t assume you can leave it out of your regime just because it isn’t hot outside. “Once you’ve washed your face in the morning, apply an SPF. You can put your makeup on over the top as normal,” says Dr Cristina.

Nowadays there are many suncream formulas that offer a priming glow, so they also act as a radiance-boosting step in your routine.

Treat your skin’s barrier with TLC
“The fundamental purpose of our skin is to act as a barrier,” Dr Cristina explains. “It protects us from stressors found in the outside environment, and also helps to regulate our temperature, immunity and fluid balance. 

“It’s more important than ever to protect your skin’s barrier in the winter months. I often like to use trusted skincare brands which consider both science and nature, making the most of the natural ingredients on offer.”

Make sure your delicate eye area, which is prone to irritation when the skin barrier is compromised, is hydrated and soothed with Symbiosis Skincare [Hyaluronic Acid + R.N.A.]  De-Puffing & Dark Circles Relief Eye Serum, worth £97 but also available in the OK! Christmas Beauty Box.

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