How to make your shower a more relaxing experience

Laura Mulley OK! beauty Editor

By Laura Mulley

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How to make your shower a more relaxing experience
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Everyone knows that taking a bath is a great way to unwind, lying back into a tub of bubbles with a good book (and perhaps a glass of wine) the ultimate moment of me-time. But what if you don’t have a bath, don’t have the time – or are just simply more of a shower person?

Luckily there are a few easy ways that you can elevate your shower game to make it an equally relaxing experience, whether it’s a quick five-minute freshen up in the morning or enjoying a longer steam at night. Here’s how…

Think about your surroundings

There’s nothing appealing about washing in a space that’s seen better days. But sprucing up your shower needn’t cost the earth – simple measures like keeping it clean and clutter-free, fitting a new shower curtain if needed or adding in some plants will all help to create a more spa-like environment.

Create a serene setting

Think about a typical relaxing bath scene in a movie – lights are dimmed, candles are lit, and some gentle music is playing in the background. Well, there’s no reason you can’t do the same when you have a shower. If this all seems like too much faff before the school run or commute to work, even just listening to the radio while you lather up can put you in a better mood.

Get the water temperature right

While it can be tempting to crank the temperature dial all the way up in the cold winter months, washing in water that’s too hot (or indeed too cold) can make the skin drier than normal. Experts agree that the ideal shower water temperature is between 36℃-40℃ – slightly warmer than body temperature.

Treat yourself to luxurious products

Washing with products that smell great and feel indulgent on the skin can really make shower time more special. We love Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel, which transforms into a creamy, light-as-air mousse when applied and has the soothing fragrance of cherry blossom.

Continue the pampering afterwards

Once you’ve stepped out of the shower and dried off, take a few minutes to rub in nourishing body cream or oil – this will lock moisture into the skin and massage the muscles.