Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)
Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)

Summer Survival Kit (worth over £165)

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Introducing our Summer Survival Kit for 2023 - the ultimate beauty haul you need this season. Packed full of nine skincare, make-up, hair and bodycare essentials to keep you perfected and protected this summer.

From an all-important SPF and a skin-smoothing luxe primer, to a transforming body lotion and a  4-in-1 lip, cheek and eyeshadow tint for a touch of natural glam!


      Able Skincare Pro Filter Collagen Skin Perfecting Primer

      30ml full size, worth £77

      • Hydrates and brightens skin for a dewy finish before applying make-up
      • Smoothes texture, boosts coverage, and helps products wear better and last longer
      • Balances pH levels to lessen the appearance of patchy skin, and leaves the skin smooth and velvety

      Apply as the final step after skincare products to give a dewy, bright finish.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “Give the last step of your skincare regime an upgrade with this ultra-luxurious primer. 

      Featuring cutting-edge technology, it makes your complexion look brighter and smoother in a single swipe and creates the ideal base for make-up.”

      Wild Science Lab Bright Start SPF 30

      10ml travel size, worth £12

      • Defends against both UVA and UVB, protecting against environmental damage
      • Brightening and hydrating to leave skin glowing 
      • Protects and soothes the skin

      Apply an almond size amount to the face and neck every morning to clean, cleansed skin.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “It’s important to wear sun protection on your face every day, and this broad spectrum SPF shields your skin while also leaving a lovely glow (it smells incredible, too!). This travel size tube is perfect for popping in your handbag or carry-on luggage.”

      Percy & Reed Turn Up the Volume Dry Shampoo

      200ml full size, worth £15

      • Ultra-fine cornflour powder works to clean the hair and absorb oils, without leaving any white, chalky residue
      • Root boosting formula builds volume and adds texture to rejuvenate styles and leave hair looking cleansed and full
      • The bespoke fine fragrance leaves locks smelling beautifully fresh and odour-free

      Shake well before using. Spray into the roots, holding the can about 10cm away, then massage into the hair.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “For when the thought of washing and drying your hair just doesn’t appeal, a good dry shampoo should be your go-to (and will give you ten more minutes in bed!). This one instantly soaks up excess oil and has a gorgeous green scent, refreshing your style in seconds.”

      Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion

      30ml travel size, worth £3.60

      • Contains optimum levels of Alpha Hydroxy Therapy to gently exfoliate and moisturise leaving skin beautifully hydrated for 24 hours
      • Unblocks hair follicles
      • Softens, smoothes and conditions skin

      Apply twice daily for four weeks. Thereafter apply daily to maintain the skin’s optimum condition.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “A cult classic product and a long-time favourite with beauty editors, this body moisturiser contains a lactic acid complex to gently exfoliate and moisturise the skin. It works wonders on keratosis pilaris, the little bumps often found on the tops of arms.”

      Paul Yacomine Hydrosol Ultra Light Micromist Hair Hydration

      30ml full size, worth £24

      • Lightweight moisturising oils hydrate dry, brittle hair
      • Has anti-inflammatory benefits to soothe stressed scalps
      • Super conditioning leaving tresses soft and shiny

      Spritz over damp hair before blow drying or air drying, focusing on the lengths and ends.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “Keep on looking after your hair once you’re out of the shower with this super-light leave-in spray. Made with hydrating oils and botanical extracts, it cocoons your strands in a conditioning veil of goodness.”

      Grüum Klar Clarifying Facial Cleanser

      45g travel size, worth £12

      • Turmeric and tea tree oil are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and help to clean and repair the skin, while shea butter is deeply moisturising
      • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and scarring
      • Boosts natural collagen and cell production

      Lather up with warm water, massage into the skin and rinse. Rinse and pat the bar dry after use to keep it at its best.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “The first step in your skincare routine, this solid face cleanser is packed full of lots of good stuff, including turmeric, tea tree oil and shea butter. It leaves skin feeling perfectly clean and comfortable.”

      Dr Lipp Superfood Beetroot Lip Tint

      4ml travel size, worth £5.49

      • Multitasking 4-in-1; lip balm, tinted lip gloss, dewy blush and tinted glossy eyeshadow
      • Contains medical grade lanolin to deeply nourish dry skin
      • Features 100% natural ingredients  to calm inflammation and soothe skin

      Apply to the lips, cheeks and eyes for instant hydration and a flush of colour.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “Fake a rosy glow AND tackle dry skin with this deeply nourishing, 100% natural multi-purpose balm, which can be used as a lip balm, cheek tint and even a glossy eyeshadow. The deep rose colour comes from beetroot pigment.”

      Kiss Lash Couture Naked Drama Lashes

      One pair (lucky dip of one of three different styles: tulle, chiffon or organza), worth £8

      • Flexible band for a comfortable wear
      • “3D mink effect” gives the look of luxury lash extensions
      • Split-tip design for a fabulously fluffy look

      Firstly check how they fit against your natural lashes – trim them a little shorter if needed. Apply lash glue to the band, then wait 30 seconds until it becomes tacky. Looking down into a mirror, place them on top of your own lashes, then press down gently until they feel secure.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “For the ultimate glam look, finish off your makeup with a set of false lashes. These are easy to apply and comfortable to wear, and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.”

      Pantene silky and glowing colour damage reverse biotin shot

      23ml full size, worth £3.99

      • Deeply repairs colour-damaged hair leaving hair silky soft in just one use
      • Contains highly nutritious Pro-V blend of vitamin vb5, antioxidants and rose extract  
      • Transforms straw-like hair

      Apply onto damp hair and massage gently from mid-length to ends. Rinse thoroughly.

      OK! deputy style director Zoe Cripps says:

      “I try really hard to look after my hair and I use masks at least once a week. This is a fantastic product, I love how good it makes my hair feel and how it looks after my highlights.”


      Worth £7.20

      In your box you’ll also receive a voucher for two copies of OK!, worth £7.20  - the perfect opportunity to keep up to date with your favourite celebs this summer!